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Rainbow painted on floor with "do infinite good" written underneath.

Five Swahili Sayings You Should Listen to!

White wall with red text stating "think positive".

10 Swahili quotes about life that will inspire you!

A jeep drives towards sunset on the African savannah.

Swahili animal names you should know for a Safari!

Open books stacked randomly atop eachother.

Famous Swahili Novels You Should Consider Reading!

A man is on his laptop, talking to a tutor online.

Why you should consider learning English online with native speakers.

Two men smiling at the camera in Nairobi, outside of a restaurant.

Swahili Expressions Only a Speaker Would Know!

A picture of a bundle of rice, used in Swahili cuisine to make Pilau.

What are some Traditional Swahili foods?

A handshake between two people.

A Lingua Franca: Why is Swahili Spoken as a Second Language?

Headphones resting against books on a shelf.

Chakacha: Swahili Music and Dance

Letters in the English alphabet, jumbled together.

Should I learn American English or British English? What is more useful?

A large group of smiling Kenyan School Children.

Swahili language words, You may already know!

A red dirt road in the middle of the countryside, with a wooden fence running alongside it.

What language family is Swahili in?

A photo showing an outdoor market in Lamu, Kenya. There are several stalls selling fruit underneath a striped tarp roof.

Swahili language origin: What is the origin of the Swahili language?

A globe featuring the African continent and part of the Arabian penisula.

What languages influenced Swahili?

Image depicting Kilimanjaro on a sunny day, with zebra's in the forefront.

Preparing to hike Mount Kilimanjaro? Some useful Swahili phrases!

10 Swahili language quick facts, hand holding a ball with a world map centred on Africa.

10 Swahili language quick facts, that you may already know!

Swahili words in Lion King, picture of a Lion resting on a rock.

What are the Swahili words in Lion King?

A man talking to a woman through an app on his laptop.

Where Can You Learn Kenyan Swahili Online?

Is Swahili a hard language to learn? Not with us!

What are some common Swahili phrases?

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Swahili Shows & Movies to Learn Kenyan Swahili Online!

Red Chinese paper lamps

How many tones are there in Mandarin? Introduction to Tones.

Two businessmen on a bench outside discussing business whilst overlooking a tablet.

Swahili for Business: Important for Companies to Learn?

An infographic for kids learning a new language!

A man at his desk, reading a book whilst smiling in front of his laptops blurred out screen.

The growth of language learning online

Stacked books. From top to bottom - Grammar & Composition 3, Themes in Literature, Vocabulary Spelling Poetry 3, Science Matter & Energy and World History & Culture.

Why learning English is a good idea!

A picturesque shot of a castle in a field, with the sun poking through the leaves of an old tree.

How English evolved from Old English to Modern English

A picture of a dictionary in the word starting with P section, with Poise and Poison visible. Behind it is a map of England.

Why is English so widely spoken?

Shelf with American flag and union jack boxes

How American English became different from British English?

Scrabble pieces spelling out "Choose your words".

What words has English taken from other languages?