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I really liked how our professor would incorporate stories, everyday examples, and videos in the class. It helped me retain information.

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    Swahili Tutor

    Jason is an Fulbright scholar and experienced Swahili instructor who formerly taught at Yale University. He completed an MA degree in the US, writing a thesis about Swahili commentaries on Hollywood films. He currently teaches English language and literature at a high school in Kenya while serving as the Africa Fulbright Network's Ambassador to Kenya.


    Swahili Tutor

    Kimathi got his education degree to teach Swahili at the University of Nairobi and taught Swahili language and literature at a high school there for three years before coming to the US for graduate studies. He has worked as a translator and editor for the last few years as well as teaching Swahili language and African cultural studies classes at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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$900 600 / 10 lessons

What's included

  • Ask and answer questions about personal details
  • Converse well enough to meet needs and perform simple tasks
  • Learn the script and read simple texts
  • Write simple, grammatical sentences



$900 600 / 10 lessons

What's included

  • Interact spontaneously with native speakers
  • Understand main ideas of complex texts
  • Talk about experiences and give explanations
  • Write comprehensively on areas of interest



$900 600 / 10 lessons

What's included

  • Understand longer texts and move beyond surface meaning
  • Differentiate shades of meaning in speech
  • Write detailed, grammatical, and logical text
  • Speak fluently and without preparation

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