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I really liked how our professor would incorporate stories, everyday examples, and videos in the class. It helped me retain information.

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Janelle graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in History and coursework in English and Gender and Women’s Studies. After completing her Ph.D. in History at the University of North Carolina, she gained 10+ years’ experience teaching domestic and international students at Beloit College, Kalamazoo College, and UC Berkeley. Janelle draws on her extensive teaching and tutoring experience to create a compassionate, supportive, and fun learning environment. Having lived in England, Italy, and all over the U.S., Janelle now calls Central California home.

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$900 600 / 10 lessons

What's included

  • Ask and answer questions about personal details
  • Converse well enough to meet needs and perform simple tasks
  • Learn the script and read simple texts
  • Write simple, grammatical sentences



$900 600 / 10 lessons

What's included

  • Interact spontaneously with native speakers
  • Understand main ideas of complex texts
  • Talk about experiences and give explanations
  • Write comprehensively on areas of interest



$900 600 / 10 lessons

What's included

  • Understand longer texts and move beyond surface meaning
  • Differentiate shades of meaning in speech
  • Write detailed, grammatical, and logical text
  • Speak fluently and without preparation

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